SnowTrailsTV – Season Three

This season on SnowTrails TV we’ll be trail riding in Ontario in the Muskoka snowmobile region two hours north of Toronto. We’ll also explore local, family-style trails, ride Luc the groomer guy in Dubreuilville, do some off-trail, back country powder riding in Manitouwadge and ride along the Lake Superior coast in Marathon. Also this season, we’ll check out the World Snowmobile Expo and the Big Air competition in West Yellowstone, Montana and take you mountain riding in Gallatin.

STTV – Episode 1

Segment One: This program starts in WAWA, Ontario and features trail riding opportunities local area.

Segment Two: Takes viewers out to West Yellowstone, Montana to visit the World Snowmobile Expo, Big Air Competition and experience Gallatin Mountain riding in the area.

STTV – Episode 2

Segment One: We visit Tug Hill New York area riding from Timberview Lodge and talk with local law enforcement about Snowmobile regulations in NY State and introduce viewers to family style riding in NY. This is the first of 3 days touring in Lewis County NY

Segment Two: This is the first of 3 days touring in the Muskoka Snowmobile Region which is located 2 hours north of Toronto. We start at the Blue Spruce Resort and end at the Deerhurst resort.

STTV – Episode 3

Segment One: We continue our touring from Timberview Lodge with our third day riding the Tug Hill region in NY with new destinations riding out to Stillwater.

Segment Two: We ride family style local trails in Dubreuilville, Ontario and explain how it is a hud for other destinations. We ride with Ray Dubreul whose family founded the mill and town.
Then we talk with Luc the Grommer Guy and ride on a groomer and explain trail grooming operations.

STTV – Episode 4

Segment One: Features the Gaylord Michigan the first of a couple days riding here. During this round trip ride we feature the Scenic Jordan River Valley Trails with Kent Smith.

Segment Two: We start our second day in the Muskoka Snowmobile Region from the DEERHURST Resort
riding to Trillium Resort and Spa. Excellent trails and hospitality 2 hours north of Toronto, ON.

STTV – Episode 5

Segment One: This starts with the second day of touring the very popular Gaylord, Michigan area. We take a round trip ride out to Lewiston for lunch. One rider with us demonstrates a sled towing technique.

Segment Two: We do a family style ride out of Manitouwadge, Ontario. Off trail back country riding is the feature story here. We ride the old logging road in the deep untouched powder. Having lunch by a campfire along a waterfall.

STTV – Episode 6

Segment One: This is our 4th day riding in NY state. We start out in Northern Lewis County riding in the Adorondack State Park. Family riding, wide open trails and little traffic makes this a underused family snowmobiling destination.

Segment Two: We visit local trails off the coast of scenic Lake Superiorin Marathon, Ontario. Exploring the local area rather thantraveling through like the saddlebag tours of past shows. Traveling over the million dollar Pic River snowmobile bridge and touring the Wire Lake Loop visiting a abandoned gold mine.

STTV – Episode 7

Segment One: Muskoka Day Three starts this program starting at the Trillium Resort and Spa and riding back to Blue Spruce ResortThis segment features snowmobile water crossing in Dorsett.

Segment Two: Starts our tour of Togwotee Mountain Lodge in Wyoming. We get introduced to the powder, altitude and mountain riding. We come across a on-trail accident and experience a helicopter back country rescue.

Segment Three: On our ride back from the mountain tourwe stop in Isabella, MN. Staying at the Knotted Pines Cabins. Taking a local tour of the area and some off trail riding on the numerous unplowed logging roads.

STTV – Episode 8

Segment One: We start day one of a 3 day tour in Algoma County, Ontario. Carolyn Beach to Elliot Lake at the Dennison House Wide groomed trails, no sled traffic and fantastic lodging make this a great family or group destination. End at Dennison House.

Segment Two: Mountain riding continues at Togwotee with our second day of traveling into the back country and high marking up to 10,300 feet. A beautiful day with the Tetons always in the background.

STTV – Episode 9

Segment One: Algoma Country Ontario – Elliot Lake. Day 2 riding from the Majestic Dennison House(inside tour) touring the area and ending at the unique Laurentian Lodge.

Segment Two: Introduction to Utah/Idaho Mountain riding is featured. Hosted by Beaver Creek Lodge in Logan Canyon, Utah.

Segment Three: Video Mike demonstrates how fast thing can happen with deep powder roll in the West Yellowstone backcountry.

STTV – Episode 10

Segment One: The final program in the series finishes our 3 day tour of Elliot Lake and Algoma Country Ontario, Canada, Leaving from Laurentian Lodge and riding to the Dennison House through the canoe portages connecting the many lakes.

Segment Two: Beaver Creek Lodge along the Utah/Idaho Border Day 3. We take the lodges Summit 800s into the deep back country and get exposed the rare extreme in steep and deep of mountain riding.
Following our tracks here is not the meek and mild rider.