SnowTrailsTV – Season One

Everything has to begin somewhere and SnowTrails TV starts right here! So mount up with us now, and hang onto your helmets as Video Mike guides us through the very first season of SnowTrails TV. We start out in Rainbow Country Ontario for a five-day saddlebag tour through the lakes and valleys, frozen waterfalls, and wilderness mountain scenery of Manitoulin Island, Killarney, and Georgian Bay around Espanola, Ontario.

STTV – Episode 1

Segment 1: Rainbow Country, OFSC District # 12 in Espanola Ontario, is our first adventure. Staying at the Lang Lake Resort, we discovered the beautiful LaCloche Mountains and the Espanola trail network.

Segment 2: We join the Midland Empire Snowgoers of Billing Mt, on a breathtaking 100 mile view on Two Top Mountain. We’ll be joining up with the Midland Empire Snowgoers of Billings Montana for some high altitude riding and breathtaking scenery from the summit of Two Top Mountain outside of West Yellowstone, MT during the 2002 Expo.

STTV – Episode 2

Segment 1: Our Espanola Ontario trail trip continues. We explore the trail network, visiting several lodges and frozen waterfalls along the way. In Webwood we enjoy a perfect day of snowmobiling, through the wilderness, seeing mountains,lakes and valleys.

Segment 2: More West Yellowstone riding in the Gallatin Mountain, accompanied by the Midland Empire Snowgoers; mountain trail riding for all to enjoy.

STTV – Episode 3

Segment 1: Day two at Lang Lake Resort in Rainbow Country. The unique topography reveals outstanding views and riding. Vist the Narne Centre, cross the Vermillion River bridge, and enjoy more trails built by organized snowmobiling.

Segment 2: Steeper and deeper back country riding outside of West Yellowstone. The Snowgoers show off their mountain riding skills.

STTV – Episode 4

Entire Episode: Elliot Lake ON. in Algoma Country is about two hours east of the International bridge crossing into Saulte Ste Marie. Ride the trails to Spanish, lunch at the waterfall Lodge, and ride to Laurentian Lodge for the first night. We spend four days touring the area, visiting Iron Bridge and Blind River.

STTV – Episode 5

Segment 1: The Gallatin Mountains of Wyoming offer spectacular scenery. We enjoy the off-trail powder with the Midland Empire Snowgoers to experience the back country.

Segment 2: Mike’s first seven day saddlebag trip in Ontario, accompanied by the Wayland Snowmobile Club. They rode from Wawa, north to the Magpie River, through the towns of Dubrueaville and White River to Dunc Lake. The adventure begins.

STTV – Episode 7

Segment 1: Espanola is the staging point for Mike’s five day saddlebag trip to Manitoulin Island and then onto Killarney, in Georgian Bay Ontario.

Segment 2: Mike tours Michigan’s amazing Upper Peninsula, from Seney to Grand Marais.

STTV – Episode 8

Segment 1: Day two of the Manitoulin Island exploration, which took the team through gorgeous trails. The Manitoulin Sno Dusters snowmobile club is “Club of the Year”, for good reason. After spending the night, follow the riders to Killarney.

Segment 2: SnowTrails TV visits the Antique Snowmobile Show in Naubinway Michigan.

STTV – Episode 9

Segment 1: The SnowTrails TV crew wakes up in Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island, and heads to Kilarney in the scenic boating area of Georgian Bay. Traveling through the boating channels, you will view the most popular cottage country in Ontario, where they welcome sledders into their rural community.

Segment 2: Leaving Pair-A-Dice Inn at Christmas Michigan, “Foggy” the snowmobile guide, takes the TV crew along the shores of Grand Island, across the frozen channel to the base of Miner’s Castle base, in the Pictured Rocks National Park.

STTV – Episode 10

Segment 1: An easy five day Ontario Tour ends our first season, starting in Killarny on Georgian Bay, back to Espanola, where we started out last week. Unbelievable mountain scenery surrounds us in Rainbow Country. Dennis Lendrum is our guide.

STTV – Episode 6

Segment 1: Ride from Chapleau Ontario to Missanabi with the Wayland Snowmobile Club, on day six of the seven day tour. Watch Mike break trail in deep powder for hours!

Segment 2: Michigan’s UP (Upper Peninsula) for a ride in exciting spring conditions. Trip starts in Newberry and heads up to Pine Stump, Grand Marais and into then to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. You’ll see waterfalls, the log slide, and the Little Hurricane River rushing into Lake Superior.