SnowTrailsTV – Season Six

STTV – Episode 1

The Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec’s Maritime district is where the 6th season begins. The Quebec Maritime is a dream come true for snowmobile enthusiast. The first day travels 150 miles from Sainte-Falavie with lunch in Matine and ending in the heart of the Chic-Choc Mountains. Daily elevation changes from sea level up the coastal mountains will average about 20,000 ft. daily. In all the destinations SnowTrails TV has visited the Gaspe is truly world class and a once in a lifetime must do trip.

STTV – Episode 2

Story One: This starts the second day of world class sledding the Gaspe. Departing from the Chic-Choc Mountains for Mont-Saint-Pierre for lunch and overnight in Murdochville. We will experience breathtaking views along 150 miles of the North Shore of Quebec’s coastline.

Story Two: This first of 3 days riding in Ely MN. We are guided by members the Ely Igloo snowmobile club. The Ely Igloo club was first snowmobile club in the United States.

STTV – Episode 3

Story One: The snowmobile dream trip continues in French Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsulas third day of the 800 mile journey on snowmobiles. Not only are trails and views magnificent but so is the area hospitality. It is very European and very unique to other places visited in Canada. Today we leave from Murdochville with lunch at Petite Vallée and ending the city of Gaspe.

Story Two: We continue to explore the history and trails of Ely, MN. riding with the Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club. This is our second of three days riding in Northern Minnesota. Each day in the region will feature new trails and experiences.

STTV – Episode 4

Story One: Every day is Gaspe’s week long adventure get better. Our 4th touring day we leave city of Gaspe and ride towards Percy for lunch and visit the famous Percy Rock. Ending the day in the town of Chandler. Fresh powder is coming down all day on the trails.

Story two: Late March still had some great riding in Ely MN. This would be our final day riding with the Ely Igloo snowmobile club. We discuss wildness boundary and protected lands.

STTV – Episode 5

Story One: The Gaspe Day 5 started with major blizzard that had shut down the trails till the groomers could open them up again. So we trailered to our scheduled overnight stop in New Richmond. Would have been a 120 mile ride. We finish the Gaspe Tour on snowmobiles leaving from New Richmond and ending in Causapscal. About 140 miles of freshly groomed trail and excellent conditions. The Gaspe Peninsula has been one of the hightlights of all snowmobile destination tours.

Story Two: Catturagus Country NY was one of the best kept snowmobile secrets in NY State and now the secret is out. SnowTrails TV is riding with the VP of NYSSA we get the experts look at NY state snowmobiling. Our first of 3 days will be riding in Allegany State Park with a introduction to support services in the area.

STTV – Episode 6

Story One: Exposing snowmobiling and working with Charities is always a good story. One of the favorite charities for snowmobiling is riding in support of breast cancer. Today we are riding with the Quebec chapter of the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer foundation. We’ll see some wonderful trails on the ride to Devils Mountain in Mount Laurie, Quebec. You’ll also meet and speak with Issabella the Director of the Kelly Shires foundation learning what makes this foundation different and very needed.

Story Two: We continue our second day in Catturagus County in NY State. Learn what the riding in the area is like and the types of trails. Beautiful NY country side is explored with 100 miles of trail riding.

STTV – Episode 7

Story One: Fly in a jet from Newark, New Jersey and Land Mount Tremblant, Quebec. Then ride a snowmobile within 2 hours of leaving NJ. We will ride the Comfort Inn in Mount Laurie, Quebec. Then overnight and enjoy French Canadian hospitality as the trip continues to Rabaska Lodge, a local Outfitter camp in the wilderness. This a excellent way for the busy person with more money than time to experience a quick and memorable snowmobile vacation. have a guided 2 day snowmobile trip in a foreign land.

Story Two: Our third day and final day riding around and uncovering the best kept secret in NY State snowmobiling. When you here about heavy lake effect snows in Niagara NY then they are getting pounded just inland at Catturagus County. We will ride with local snowmobile law enforcement and learn a the rules and regulations in NY State.

STTV – Episode 8

Sudberry Ontario, the gateway to the Northern Ontario is explored for the entire program. We ride with and learn about Ontario snowmobiling with some of creators and founding members of organized snowmobiling in Ontario. We will cross the Pic River and French River snowmobile suspension bridges. Possibly the biggest suspension snowmobile bridges ever constructed. This program covers our first of 2 days of a 4 day snowmobile saddlebag tour adventure.

STTV – Episode 9

Story One: Our 3rd and 4th day snowmobile saddlebag touring the Sudberry region of Ontario. Riding with us are snowmobilers from the Ohio State Snowmobile Assoc. We complete the appox: 600 miles in 4 days of riding. You will see the types of trails, signage and become familiar with the rules and regulations for family riding in Ontario.

Story Two: Northern Lower Michigan is featured riding. This trip is the Snomads Snofari Club annual presidents snowmobile ride. We ride through the scenic Jordan River Valley and learn the benefits and camaraderie that comes with participating with the MSA Snowmobile Club of the Year. Located in the Southwest area of Michigan.

STTV – Episode 10

French Canadian hospitality and riding are featured as we explore the Upper Laurentian region in Quebec. Located about 2 hours north of Montreal this region is full of rustic outfitter camps for the outdoor experience. Todays ride with take from the outfitter lodge called Rabaska and ride to Devils Mountain viewing scenic waterfalls and learning about the maps, signage and vast trail network. We will also spend a couple more days showing how easy the trail system is to navigate and visit many of the rustic outfitter camps available in the Upper Laurentian region of Quebec.

STTV – Episode 11

One of the biggest and oldest snowmobile races continues with the running of the 40th International 500 mile snowmobile race held in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. This race is time tested trial of man and machine. We spend time in the hot pits talking with teams, showing you the inside line of snowmobile racing. Just a couple hundred yards away from the race track at the same time WPSA snow cross racing has been added for additional racing action. We’ll talk with family race team that life evolves around the kids snow cross racing.

STTV – Episode 12

Story One: By popular demand QuadTrails TV launches it first show. This new and growing series does the ATV’s what SnowTrails TV does for snowmobiles. The first program features ATV riding at Silver Lake Sand dunes at Michigan’s west coast.

Story Two: ATV riding in the snow. Quebec has one of the largest winter ATV trail networks. I’ll show what it is like to take your ATV/ Quad out in the snow. Trails are signed and groomed just like snowmobiles. The riding is a different experience.