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Ride with Snowtrails TV through the North American wilderness trail network. Video Mike hosts and videotapes from the driver’s seat, SnowTrailsTV delivers exciting destinations and unmatched winter scenery.

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STTV Season One (2003)

Everything has to begin somewhere……and SnowTrails TV starts right here!

Mount up and hang onto your helmets as Video Mike guides us through the very first season of SnowTrails TV. We start out in Rainbow Country, Ontario for a five-day saddlebag tour through the lakes, valleys, frozen waterfalls and wilderness mountain scenery of Manitoulin Island, Killarney and Georgian Bay in and around Espanola, Ontario. We’ll be joining up with the Midland Empire Snowgoers of Billings, Montana for some high altitude riding and breathtaking scenery from the summit of Two Top Mountain outside of West Yellowstone, Montana during the 2002 Expo.

Next up, we join the Wayland Snowmobile Club for a seven-day, 1,100 mile, saddlebag tour leaving Wawa, riding up the Magpie River, through Dubreauville, White River and ending at Dunc Lake in Ontario. We’ll spend four days touring Elliot Lake, Ontario in Algoma Country riding to Spanish Break, Waterfall Lodge and Laurentian Lodge while enjoying excellent snow and trails around Iron Bridge and Blind River. Finally, we’ll visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a spring ride from Newberry, through Pind Stump and Grand Marais into Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. We’ll even get to visit the Antique Snowmobile show in Naubinway.

There’s something for everyone, so grab your gear and your friends and join us for the first season of SnowTrails TV!

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STTV Season Two (2004)

We’re back for Season 2 of SnowTrails TV with Video Mike. This season we’ll catch the Agawa Canyon Snow Train to the Moose Capitol, Hearst, Ontario starting a four-day saddleback tour on the Superior snow challenge loop back to Sault Ste. Marie. Join us as we load our sleds on the train and head for the snow.

We’ll also visit Deadwood, South Dakota for a two-day tour of the Black Hills with Polaris Adventure Tours. For the guys, a one-time chance to join the “For Women Only Ride” to benefit Easter Seals in Grayling, Michigan with guest host, Lissa Toncray. From there, we head to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to explore Lake Gogebic, the Porcupine Mountains lookout and enjoy some spectacular trail riding.

Up next, we visit the Togwotee Mountain Lodge in Wyoming for the ultimate mountain riding experience: high altitude, off-trail boondocking along the Continental Divide at over 10,00 feet above sea level! Finally, we return to Ontario for the five-day West Superior Snow Challenge where we tour the northern Lake Superior coastline ending in Marathon, Ontario. We wrap up the season with some fun, social snowmobiling on the “Clubhouse Tour” of the Bruce/Grey area of Ontario.

Gear up! Grab your friends and join us for Season 2 of Video Mike and SnowTrails TV!

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STTV Season Three (2005)

This season on SnowTrails TV we’ll be trail riding in Ontario in the Muskoka snomobile region two hours north of Toronto. We’ll also explore local, family-style trails, ride Luc the groomer guy in Dubreuilville, do some off-trail, back country powder riding in Manitouwadge and ride along the Lake Superior coast in Marathon. Also this season, we’ll check out the World Snowmobile Expo and the Big Air competition in West Yellowstone, Montana and take you mountain riding in Gallatin.

We’ll take a three day tour through Tug Hill in Lewis County, New York featuring the Timberville Lodge and Adirondack State Park. We’ll spend a couple of days in Gaylord, Michigan touring the Jordan River valley and see a sled towing demonstration. Togwotee Lodge in Wyoming is next for powder, altitude and mountain riding up to 10,300 feet. We’ll also get to see a back-country helicopter rescue.

Season three wraps up with us tackling some extreme, steep and deep mountain riding along the Utah, Idaho border with Beaver Creek Lodge’s Summit 800′s. Definitely not for beginners! So, grab your gear, tell your friends and join us for Season 3 of SnowTrails TV!

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STTV Season Four (2006)

Season 4 of SnowTrails TV finds us in Quebec, Canada where we’ll begin a six-day round trip beginning in Quebec City. Along the way we’ll explore the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River and the Laurentian Mountains. We’ll visit the Mont Ste. Anne Ski Resort and ride down to Duchesnay to visit the world famous Ice Hotel. We’ll also spend some fun time at the Quebec Winter Carnival.

Our next destination is Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan for the 38th, I-500 Snowmobile Endurance Race, the Grand daddy of them all! We’ll join up with the Charity USA Benefit Ride from Houghton/Hancock to Copper Harbor and we’ll also ride with Michigan’s Wertz Warriors to benefit the Michigan Winter Special Olympics. Not only will we cruise the groomed trails along the Lake Superior coastline, we’ll also do some serious, off-trail powder riding in the Keweenau Peninsula. Next, we’ll be spending some time in Ontario where we’ll take a three day, saddlebag tour around Lake Nipising, also known as “The R.A.N. Tour.”

Still in Ontario, we join up with the Gold Rush Tour; a four-day saddleback tour. We’ll overnight at 3 Bears Camp and ride through Gogama, Timmins and some incredible, old mining towns. In Cochrane, Ontario we join the Canadian Charity Ride and experience some of Ontario’s most extreme off-trail riding in Abitibi Canyon.

Finally, we join snowmobile Media giants, SnowTrails TV, SnowTrax Television, SuperTrax Magazine, and SnowTech Magazine as they join up for the Snowmobile Getaway Prize Ride with all of the Getaway Prize winners for a superb spring ride on the last day of the season! Suit up! Tell your friends! And experience Season 4 of SnowTrails TV!

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STTV Season Five (2007)

Begins wih Yellowstone National Park on snowmobile. Then West Yellowstone ridng back country riding to Two Top. More…

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The Gaspe Peninsula is the main featured destination.

The 600 series has 12 episodes.

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Capturing the realities of adventure snowmobiling, SnowTrailsTV takes an epic twenty-three day journey with MichCanSka, a snowmobile ride for Diabetes Research from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to Tok, Alaska. A true snowmobile adventure experience with a mission of hope.

We also tour some of the world’s most beautiful winter scenery with trips to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, the sweeping trails of Quebec and Continental Divide Mountain riding in the State of Wyoming

Episode #801 Segment #1 SnowtrailsTV takes a three-day saddlebag tour through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with two first time U.P. Saddlebaggers.Segments #2 The first three days of MichCanSka: A Snowmobile Adventure will be taking us from Sault Ste. Marie, MI to Grand Rapids, MN.

Episode #802Segment #1 The first of five days in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. With freezing rain and log jams the day was full of surprises. Segment #2 Sno-Motion snow-cross race in August on snow, Lisa Kelly from Ice Road Truckers makes an appearance. Segment #3 MichCanSka continues traveling from Grand Rapids, MN to Belcourt, ND.

Episode #803 Segment #1 SnowTrailsTV visits Salmon La Sac and Woods and Steele Sno-Parks in Washington State. Segment #2 Leaving Belcourt, ND and crossing the border into Canada, MichCanSka runs into a little trouble with cattails in the ditches on the way to Russell, Manitoba. The riders proceed to Preeceville, Saskatchewan stopping along the way to help an injured rider.

Episode #804 Segment #1 The crew caps the fifth of day riding with the Washington State Snowmobile Association in the Cascade Mountains with the best weather of the week.Segment #2 The journey continues with the second group of MichCanSka riders as we leave Preeceville, Saskatchewan. Riding into Nipawin, Saskatchewan. We stopped only to repair a broke down sled on the way to Big River, Saskatchewan.

Episode #805Segment #1 SnowTrailsTV spends time with the Pink Ribbon Riders for the Third Annual Sno-run at Togwotee Mountain Lodge near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Pink Ribbon Riders raise money for women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Segment #2 The riders of MichCanSka depart Big River, Saskatchewan going through Cold Lake, Alberta on the way to Athabasca, Alberta. As well as navigation issues, the gang makes a wrong turn and a snowmobile has to be pulled up the bank of the Athabasca River by rope and manpower.

Episode #806 Segment #1 After record warm temperatures and rain, SnowTrailsTV starts it’s firstof a five day saddlebag tour in Quebec, Canada. We encounter washed out trails and have to build a bridge from dead wood in the bush. Segment #2 We continue our adventure in Quebec with Day two, a true scenic winter wonderland of snow. Segment #3 Without any snow for MichCanSka, we are trailering to Teslin, Yukon. On the way, we stop and visit a boreal forest, hot springs, rare woodland buffalo of British Colombia and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Episode #807 Segment #1 SnowTrailsTV is riding the Continental Divide in Wyoming with the Riverton Sno-goers. This is a family style ride featuring mountain goats and Austin Peak in the Rocky Mountains. Segment #2 In the snowmobiler paradise of Quebec, Canada we spend another day of wide trails with panoramic lookouts. Segment #3 Now with group three, SnowTrailsTV documents the drama of 16 hours of almost being stuck in the Yukon overnight and having to be rescued by two Yukon extraction specialists.

Episode #808Segment #1 A day with professional snowmobiler Dan Adams. Experience extreme backcountry riding fun as they fly through the Rockies with the Teton Mountains in the background.

Segment #2 We visit an ice-fishing village on the Ste. Lawrence Seaway, have a colorful lunch on the way to a fantastic buffalo steak dinner in Quebec. Segment #3 After almost spending the evening in the bush, group three meets up with the rest of the groups in Dawson City, Yukon and depart for Tok, Alaska on the “Top of the World Highway”. The segment ends with a mountainside tribute to Lance Corporal Wheat,a Viet Nam Veteran awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Episode #809Segment #1 Brace yourself for a couple of wild days with Mom’s Motor Sports riding crew in the backcountry of Wyoming. Getting stuck in the steep and deep was almost a pre-requisite. Segments #2 We finish our last of five days in Quebec with more scenic lookouts and the Charlevoix Hotel on the Ste. Lawrence Seaway for a little Quebec dinning and culture. Segment #3 MichCanSka continues their epic adventure on the “Top of the World Highway”. High winds and sled rollovers were only part of the adventure crossing into Alaska.

Episode #810 Segment #1 We finish the season with the Jackson Hole Snowmobile Hill Climbs. Every year competitors gather to test their medal against the mountain to see who will be crowned the National Champion, and called “King of the Mountain”. Segment #2Riding over the TOP of THE WORLD Highway in Alaska,encountering estimated winds between eighty and one hundred miles per hour blow two MichCanSka riders into the bush. The Journey is wrapped up with a banquet in honor of the riders in Tok, Alaska.

Season Ten SnowTrails TV Broadcast on Fox Sport Net – Fall 2012*

Episode 1001 Wawa, Ontario
Episode 1002 Crooked Creek Guest Ranch- Dubois, Wyoming
Episode 1003 Michigan
Episode 1004 Featuring National Vintage Snowmobile Show
Episode 1005 Quebec Saddlebag Tour – Dark Side Adventures 2012
Episode 1006 New Brunswick Saddlebag Tour- Dark Side Adventures 2012
Episode 1007 Washington- Iowa- New York State Associations
Episode 1008 MichCanSka Highlights – Michigan to Alaska 2010

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